A DAY IN 2040…

I was on my bed, looking at the pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. Some random thoughts were crisscrossing my head and that’s when my son called me.“Dad, my robot is out of battery and I’m unable to sleep, can you tell me a bedtime story? Please..?”“Oh sure, of course I will. What kind ofContinue reading “A DAY IN 2040…”


Yesterday, I wrote two blogs and saved them in my draft. I wrote about how hard this year affected us. I wrote about all the bad things that happened this year. But as I was writing them, I realized I was only adding more negativity to my life rather than making it better. All theContinue reading “NEW YEAR”


Home works everydayAssignments every weekProjects every monthExams every once in a while Oh wait it’s not done yetWe have extra circular activities tooOnline debates, online essaysOnline seminars, and counselling classes Out of this hectic schedule We get a few holidays on national festivalsBut the school is desperate to keep us busySo they’ve invented online celebrationsContinue reading “BUSY”


A laptop has replaced my schoolGoogle classroom has replaced my actual classroomGoogle drive has replaced my school bagMs Word has replaced my notebookAnd 2020 has replaced my life


I can’t thank you enoughFor all that you’ve been doingBecause the word ‘thank you’ seems so smallIn front of all the pain and struggle you’ve undergone You are the personWho introduced me to this game called lifeYou guided me, inspired me and prepared meTo become a master in it From a mentor to a friendAnContinue reading “DEAR TEACHER”


I never thoughtThat a year like this would existNot a day had passed in this yearWithout a mishapEvery day in the morningI wake up to some terrible newsThe only thing I hear on the televisionAll the dayIs either number of people hospitalizedOr number of people deceasedFrom common people to popular celebritiesThis year has taken manyContinue reading “2020”


  As I looked out of the window that morning, it started to drizzle. It was a wonderful and brilliant weather. The birds swiftly moving and trees swaying when rain was pounding and the wind was roaring while I was enjoying the beautiful view of sunrise mixed with the sprinkling rain over a cup ofContinue reading “THE DREAMFUL RAIN”


Dear Corona,You’ve put us all in a trauma Filled with fearFar from near You’ve put the world on holdMaking things uncontrolled Locking us at homeWith extra homework You’ve ruined everythingTaking away the vacations that were planned Gave us holidaysTaking away our birthdays You’ve cancelled our schoolMaking this year uncool Paving a way for online classesPuttingContinue reading “CORONA”

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