“Why should we write exams?” This was the question I asked my friends before starting this article. Their answer was “to get marks”. Then I asked “why should we get marks?” They answered “to get ranks.” Naturally I asked “what for these ranks?” The answer was again more or less same, “to get decent jobs”.

So, most of the students have wrong concept that education and exams are linked to employment. If this was true, Sachin, a 10th failure, couldn’t have become a world-famous cricketer. Bill Gates, a college dropout, could not have become successful. Sachin could not pass 10th class because the examinations he took were not sought to test his skills in sports. Exams test only in a particular field and are not
effective in identifying the actual potential of students. The pattern of question papers given to the students will test the memory power but not the creative and logical quotient of a student. When students solve a thousand problems every day, it is obvious that they get similarly patterned questions in their examination. So, they will crack the tests by the virtue of his habit, and not by their intellect. Hence these kinds of exams will eventually fail to identify skillful students.Therefore, the student focuses on his grades rather than testing his knowledge and rectifying mistakes. This is one of the reasons for malpractices like copying in order to get marks. So the present examination system is creating a corrupting effect on the lives of students.


In the present day, most of the institutions or schools have only a multi-floor building without a ground or place for kids to play. They start at 7 in the morning and continue till 7 in the evening and all they do in these 12-hours is just prepare kids for exams like NEET or MAINS. And the sad part is they start preparation for getting admission into a college they would get into 10 years later without even having a knowledge of what it is. They are being forcibly drawn into this system from 4 th or 5 th class onwards. These schools conduct entrance exams for selecting students. In this process they select the students who secure the top marks, sometimes they even pay such students to make them enrolled in their schools. And these students obviously get good marks. But here, the students are not getting marks because of the institution’s faculty but they are getting marks because of their own intellect. But parents take that in a different manner thinking that the institution provides quality education. And eventually enroll them in those schools. But studying in such type of schools is same as being in a prison. They don’t get to play or participate in skill development and other curricular activities. Their whole childhood will end up being locked up in a building without any other activity except academics.

I strongly feel the need to look into such issues and forbids such schools. Also, in the examinations, the pattern of the question paper should give a room for subjective judgement which increase the student’s logical quotient. Also admissions based on a student’s marks should strictly be removed. Everyone has the right to get proper education, whether or not they are clever. Also the purpose of schools is to educate students and inculcating life skills , but whats the point in selecting children based on exams even before they start their education.
So lets keep in mind that exams and academics are not everything, and academics are not ultimate things to judge our talent.

Published by basanthgeereddy

I'm a 15 year old kid trying to write my everyday experiences as short poems and stories.


  1. It’s absolutely true….
    Every student think like this, but they don’t have any other option to deviate from current school education system

    Parents also forced

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