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Dear Corona,
You’ve put us all in a trauma

Filled with fear
Far from near

You’ve put the world on hold
Making things uncontrolled

Locking us at home
With extra homework

You’ve ruined everything
Taking away the vacations that were planned

Gave us holidays
Taking away our birthdays

You’ve cancelled our school
Making this year uncool

Paving a way for online classes
Putting our eyes under stress

Everything you’ve brought
Is just like fraught

But wait, you won’t last long
Because, we are getting a vaccine that is more strong.


I’ve always heard my grandfather speaking about being in emergency for 2 whole years. I always used to wonder about how people survived such a situation. But today, a 50 years from now, I see myself in my grandfather’s position telling my grand kids how we struggled to survive a deadly virus being at home.

These times are really very crucial. It is very important for all of us to be careful. So stay home and stay safe.

Published by basanthgeereddy

I'm a 15 year old kid trying to write my everyday experiences as short poems and stories.

17 thoughts on “CORONA

  1. Dear Basant
    I appreciate your deeper emotions about Corona epidemic and expressing it impact in nice words. Keep observing around you on this planet, there are many more things which has bigger impacts on us directly or indirectly. Explore them and explain them in your own words. All the best my dear 👍👍

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  2. I am sure this sequestering is so hard for younger people. Has your school been suspended? Basanth, I’d like to encourage you to write some poetry that is unrhymed so you aren’t held back by the need to rhyme,Try it out. It is not necessary for poetry to rhyme. It is something I do to exercise my mind, but it is more important at your age that you exercise your emotions..Just a thought..

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    1. Yes ma’am, unfortunately our schools have been cancelled and the last year of my school life is turning out to be terrible. Hope everything gets back to normal soon.
      Also, thanks a lot for your suggestion. That is very valuable to me. I’m a beginner, and I don’t have much knowledge on poetry. But thanks, I will definitely try to learn and improve my skills.
      As you said I had a lot on my mind to write, but I couldn’t include everything as I couldn’t make them rhyming. I was held back by the concept of rhyming. The next time I write something, I’ll keep your words in mind.
      Thank you.


      1. I am so sorry. I know this isolation is much worse for kids who want to be socializing with each other. Hopefully, if we are patient and don’t rush going back into public, you’ll be able to live a long life out in public again when this virus abates. Have patience. Keep writing about your feelings..and be truthful in what you write. Don’t fall back on what everyone else is saying. Find your own words and thoughts. And don’t limit yourself by rhyme.

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