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  As I looked out of the window that morning, it started to drizzle. It was a wonderful and brilliant weather. The birds swiftly moving and trees swaying when rain was pounding and the wind was roaring while I was enjoying the beautiful view of sunrise mixed with the sprinkling rain over a cup of hot coffee. I was on cloud nine filled with ecstasy. The cool breeze took me to another world of joy. While my mind was very pleasant in the gentle current of air there was tinkling sound of calling bell. I was obviously unable to figure out who could it be at this early hour. As I started moving towards the door and the bell kept ringing, I rushed down the stairs. But I fell down and hit my head to the stair case even before opening the door. I tried to get-up holding the railing of the stair case; I realized that I was on floor besides my bed. By now I came to this real world and understood all that was a dream. I woke up turning off the alarm that ruined my dream.



Published by basanthgeereddy

I'm a 15 year old kid trying to write my everyday experiences as short poems and stories.

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