Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I never thought
That a year like this would exist
Not a day had passed in this year
Without a mishap
Every day in the morning
I wake up to some terrible news
The only thing I hear on the television
All the day
Is either number of people hospitalized
Or number of people deceased
From common people to popular celebrities
This year has taken many lives
From floods to fire accidents
A global pandemic to ghastly forest fires
Gas leaks to huge explosions
Plane crashes to volcanic eruptions
As we count the number of misfortunes
We realize it is an unending list
The whole year until now is like
A horrible nightmare
All the things that had to happen in a life time
Had happened in this one year
I don’t know when this year is going to go out of our lives
But there’s only one thing I can say
We’re all exhausted

Published by basanthgeereddy

I'm a 15 year old kid trying to write my everyday experiences as short poems and stories.

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