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Yesterday, I wrote two blogs and saved them in my draft. I wrote about how hard this year affected us. I wrote about all the bad things that happened this year. But as I was writing them, I realized I was only adding more negativity to my life rather than making it better. All the year, all this time I kept writing about sufferings, stress and all. But now, I decided I’d write positive things.

In a few hours we’re going into a new year, a new decade!!! For many of us this decade is going to be a new beginning, a new phase in our life. To me, this decade would introduce me to my adulthood. My childhood has almost come to an end. So let’s cherish these few moments, welcome this new phase, new decade into our lives with some positivity. Get over with the past trauma, forget everything that has happened this year. Let’s start afresh. Motivate ourselves to give up all the bad habits we’ve inculcated this year.

The last few months, I wasn’t in a good mood to write anything. But today, I feel very strong. I feel highly motivated. And I want to spread it to everyone reading this. We’re going to have a great year.Let’s stay happy and welcome it with positiveness.


Published by basanthgeereddy

I'm a 15 year old kid trying to write my everyday experiences as short poems and stories.

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