Home works everydayAssignments every weekProjects every monthExams every once in a while Oh wait it’s not done yetWe have extra circular activities tooOnline debates, online essaysOnline seminars, and counselling classes Out of this hectic schedule We get a few holidays on national festivalsBut the school is desperate to keep us busySo they’ve invented online celebrationsContinue reading “BUSY”


I never thoughtThat a year like this would existNot a day had passed in this yearWithout a mishapEvery day in the morningI wake up to some terrible newsThe only thing I hear on the televisionAll the dayIs either number of people hospitalizedOr number of people deceasedFrom common people to popular celebritiesThis year has taken manyContinue reading “2020”


Dear Corona,You’ve put us all in a trauma Filled with fearFar from near You’ve put the world on holdMaking things uncontrolled Locking us at homeWith extra homework You’ve ruined everythingTaking away the vacations that were planned Gave us holidaysTaking away our birthdays You’ve cancelled our schoolMaking this year uncool Paving a way for online classesPuttingContinue reading “CORONA”


“Why should we write exams?” This was the question I asked my friends before starting this article. Their answer was “to get marks”. Then I asked “why should we get marks?” They answered “to get ranks.” Naturally I asked “what for these ranks?” The answer was again more or less same, “to get decent jobs”.Continue reading “EXAMINING THE EXAMINATION SYSTEM”

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